Bold Colors without Fear

Created Date: 2014-05-13

Most of us are probably terrified of bold colors in our house. We all love how they look in other people’s homes, but the idea of brightly painted walls in our own is enough to send us running to the neutral paint section at home depot. It’s time to overcome this fear- decorating with bright colors is not as scary as it seems! If you’re ready to try a bold change consider some of the designs below.

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For those who are feeling especially brave, try a new and unexpected paint color. Remember, it’s not permanent and you can always change the color if you get tired of it. For a smaller step try painting just one wall a bold color and paint the rest a neutral tone such as white or beige. Another option would be to wallpaper one wall. Despite some people’s beliefs, wallpaper can be a modern and trendy decoration, as long as you find the right pattern and color.

KitchenPillows If you don’t want to commit to a colorful paint change, try picking one bold color and accent the room with it. This kitchen is neutrally colored except for the bright pops of red spread throughout, which are contrasted nicely against the crisp, white cabinets. This is a great option for people renting a home or apartment- you don’t have to make any big alterations to the room itself and it’s easy to change.


For those who are still wary of adding bright color to a room consider starting with something basic like pillows. Get a variety of vivid colors and patterns and mix and match for a bold look that is still within your comfort zone. Or try sticking to one small area, like the mantle shown above. The concentrated blue color scheme in that one small area will give the room a bright look without being too overwhelming.


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Written By: Jenna Handley
Photography By: Mark Tanner




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