DIY Gifts Every Mother Will Love: Sugar Scrub

Created Date: 2014-05-07

Another simple Mother’s Day present that any mom will love is a homemade sugar scrub. She will love how soft this moisturizing and exfoliating scrub makes her skin. For the perfect at-home spa gift, combine this scrub with the DIY rosewater from the previous post and give it to your mom in a basket filled candles and bath salts.

Sugar Scrubsugar scrub

Here are instructions for an easy, homemade coconut sugar scrub:

sugar scrub

1. Collect your materials- all you need for this gift is a pretty jar, sugar (brown, white or both), and some type of oil (I chose to use coconut but anything you have on hand will work).

2. Mix together equal parts sugar and oil.

3. Stir in any additions you might want.

4. Spoon the mixture into a pretty jar, add a ribbon and you’re done!


This recipe creates a basic sugar scrub, but feels free to make changes according to your mom’s preferences. Try adding drops of vanilla and almond extract or various spices, such as cinnamon or pumpkin pie, to create different scents. Your scrub is sure rival any expensive, store-bought one. You might even want to make some extra and bottle it up for yourself!

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