Seasons of Change

Created Date: 2014-09-05

As the calendar and climate move us forward into fall, it is natural for us to want to reflect the changing season at home. Here are some easy ways you can decorate for warmth, comfort and style.

Wind Chimes
Autumn weather often includes stronger winds, but rather than looking at the wind as a negative, we suggest turning it into a positive by using it as a conductor for the soothing sound of wind chimes. Place them in strategic locations, such as outside your bedroom and living room, where the sound will calm and delight you.

You’ll find an array of wind chimes in different colors, designs and materials here:  Wind Chimes

One of our most popular items in this category is the bright and beautiful and Rainbow Butterfly Windchime:

Rainbow Butterfly Windchime

Candles & Scents
Fall is the perfect time of year to collect and display candles and fragrances. Candles add visual warmth and come in scents that will remind you of your favorite things, from flavors to flowers. Home fragrances fill your rooms with romantic scents. Place them throughout your home for a romantic way to celebrate the cooler weather.

See our candles and other scented products here: Candles & Scents

Our staff’s favorite fall candle is the Vanilla Scented Flameless Candle. No worries about it being a fire hazard because it runs on LED batteries!

Vanilla Scented Flameless Candle

Of course, sometimes you need to go beyond decorating for warmth to fend off the chilly temps. No matter where you live, a heavier blanket is a necessity.

We have found some wonderful warm blankets in colors and prices that are sure to appeal to you: Blankets

This emerald blanket will transform your bedroom or guestroom into a rich and relaxing retreat. The stunning color will also enhance your wood furniture.

Milo Collection Queen Emerald blanket

When we think of early fall holidays, Halloween comes to mind. To get you in the spooky spirit, we offer our seasonal best-selling Sweet Treat Sticker Labels. Put them on your candy jars and display them on your kitchen countertops for a fun and festive decorating trick.

Sweet Treat Sticker Labels


Written by: Meryl Schoenbaum


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